Hazbeth Lane Home Project
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pad location for the subject site... the area at the end of Hazbeth Lane is subject to mudflow...While their are mitigation measures for mudflow the recent Station Fire, heavy rain and mudflows in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains clearly illustrate the geologic hazard posed at the area. Forcing an owner to build in that area when there are clearly accessible and safe areas outside of the mudflow zone is not a wise choice and I would strongly recommend against it.
Vincent J. Carnegie
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Thank you for your interest in being fully informed about this project. There is a PowerPoint presentation (2MB) on the Proposed Hazbeth Lane Site available for download.

Here are some facts about the proposed project on Hazbeth Lane.

The owner intends to build one home on the site. She has NO plans to subdivide for more homes now or in the foreseable near future. She does NOT wish to give up the right to subdivide in the future and devalue her property, should circumstances change in her life.

There was a Glendale City Council meeting on this project on Tuesday, March 4th, 2008, and a zoning hearing on August 26, 2009. There are also Geotechnical documents available. You may access all this content on the downloads section of the Hazbeth Information web site.

Your comments and suggestions about this project are welcome.