Email Support

The following is an email to the property owner.

PLEASE keep up the good fight to get your dream house built! I am behind you 100%.

Of course you may post my feelings about your new home on the website...I just checked it out, and it will be a welcome addition to the hillside. I have a cabin in Fawnskin (yes, very close to the recent fire), and have been privileged to enjoy the area for 18 years. Suddenly, in the past two years, 3 new homes have popped up, with a 4th under construction. When I asked my neighbor (who has lived next door for 25 years) how he felt about this sudden intrusion on our relative idyllic existence, he wisely said "You know, we've lived our dream for the past 25 years, and it would be wrong to deny others their right to have theirs."

Peter R - Glendale, CA

Commentary in the Press

The following are letters that were published in the Glendale News-Press regarding this property. Full names are not included here for privacy reasons.

Proposed home's neighbors have rights, too - February 15,2008

In the Feb. 2 edition of the Glendale News-Press, a letter was published titled Homeowner deserves a chance at her dream from Pamela Taylor of Glendale.

As a resident on Glenmont Drive, who lives directly across from the site of Adel Luzuriaga's proposed project, I can tell you that when the letter writer states, "This house is not going to be blocking anyone's view or interrupting the flow of traffic, and it will be a beautiful home with beautiful landscaping," this statement is highly inaccurate.

Why? In order to construct this 7,000-plus-square-foot project with pool and four-car garage, the ridgeline location for which this project is proposed must be chopped off by almost 20 feet, and a new, almost 20,000-square-foot pad created on the ridge top where now no suitable building pad exists.

To get to this new building pad, the applicant must build an 1,100-foot-long new roadway cutting into the hillside, holding up the private part of Glenmont Drive, putting at risk the road that is the only access to six homes on Glenmont.

The views now from the Glenmont homes and from several other locations in Glendale is of a natural hilltop and ridgeline.

The applicant cannot destroy this hilltop without destroying what is now a view of this land where hawks sit, deer wander and other wildlife types enjoy the natural open space. For the letter writer to state that this new project will not block any views is simply not accurate.

Further, to state that this project will not interrupt the flow of traffic is also highly inaccurate.

It has been stated at the original zoning hearing, and again later in front of the Zoning Appeals Board, that it will take at least 2,000 truck trips up and down narrow Hazbeth Lane to remove all the earth material necessary to create this new 1,100-foot-long roadway and new building pad.

How can anyone honestly state that traffic flow will not be interrupted, when you have trucks going up and down narrow Hazbeth Lane, interrupting the ability of residents to use their own street?

This project received a conditional-use permit from the Glendale city zoning administrator, and that permit was appealed to the Zoning Appeals Board. That board voted to overturn this permit and deny this project on a vote of 2-1. As the board did not have the required five members, this majority 2-1 vote was not enough to overturn the permit.

However, it was perfectly clear to me that the majority of this appeals board thought this project should not have received the permit, and that this project was contrary to the Glendale Hillside Guidelines Ordinance to which the two appeals board members referred by holding up a copy of that document and quoting page numbers.

The landowner, Luzuriaga, certainly has property rights. However, neighbors of this land have property rights as well, and we have the right not to have our lives disrupted for two or more years by the destruction of this ridgeline-hilltop for this huge vanity project.

And the city of Glendale has the right to ask that this project be re-sited so that the ridgeline is not destroyed.

There is already a flat pad at the end of Hazbeth Lane, which would require far less grading and removal of earth material, which has never been used for the construction of a home and could be used by the applicant.

This conditional-use permit issued by the zoning administrator has been appealed to the City Council.

This appeal should not have been necessary if the zoning administrator would have simply followed the Glendale Hillside Guidelines.

The hearing in front of the City Council is scheduled for March 4.

Anthony C - Glendale, CA

Homeowner deserves a chance at her dream - February 1, 2008

I want to respond regarding the ongoing proposed project on Hazbeth Lane ("Appeals stacking up on council," Oct. 11). I have known project applicant Adel Luzuriaga for 10 years, and we have worked together both personally and professionally.

She has always had the utmost concern for the good of Glendale and the people who live here.

She has been very successful in real estate and has chosen this area to build her dream home. This house is not going to be blocking anyone's view or interrupting the flow of traffic, and it will be a beautiful home with beautiful landscaping.

This project is only going to enhance and raise the value of the area, not the opposite. Luzuriaga, having been a resident of the Glendale community and having worked and volunteered in many civic projects and charities, deserves an opportunity to have her dream home and to occupy the land, which I believe she has owned for 20 years.

It is her right, as it is the right for every citizen, to have and own land and to build a home that will only enhance the area and increase its value, if they so choose.

I know it is not her wish as I write this letter, but if she wants to eventually subdivide the land and build more beautiful homes, that is also her right as long as they are to code, etc.

Luzuriaga has given much to this community, and it is unfortunate that she is having to incur more expense and endure all these unnecessary delays because the residents don't want Luzuriaga to have a large home on her own land. She cares about the environment, the residents of Glendale and continues to volunteer and give her service to the community even as this project is stalled.

The project on Hazbeth Lane is important in that it is a sign of the times and the rights of individuals such as Luzuriaga, and it will affect the way others will look at living in Glendale and the right to own and develop their own land.

Pamela T - Glendale, CA