About the Project

  1. The proposed 1100-foot driveway will start from the street frontage on Hazbeth Lane, about 400-foot distance to the existing landfill pad (at the bottom of the ravine)(View of existing flat pad showing ravine and land fill.)
    viewlandfillpad_t (50K)
    . This is about 40% of total 12,200 cubic yards of dirt being exported.
  2. The proposed 18-foot driveway will be on the same level plane as the existing private driveway. They will be joined together without walls in-between to become a 30-foot wide driveway. This change was made to accommodate request from neighbor Kirch at the neighborhood meeting.
  3. The driveway will start to rise towards the hilltop only afooter the existing private driveway. This is about 50% of total 12,200 cubic yards of dirt being exported.
  4. There will be a retaining wall on the upper side of the proposed driveway, to be landscaped with climbing vine, sycamore and coast live oak trees.
  5. The retaining wall for the driveway (exposed face) and the driveway will be finished in decorative desert tan color.
  6. The 2.25-foot widening of Hazbeth public street required by the city, is past the cul-de-sac, but before the entry/start of the proposed driveway.
  7. A building pad of about 19,500 square feet will be on the hilltop bedrockBedrock View. This is about 40% of total 12,200 cu.yds of dirt being exported.

Proposed 1100-foot driveway shown in broken lines starting from street frontage on Hazbeth Lane past the cul de sac. Highlighted areas are existing private roads.

Parcel Map

Overlay showing project driveway to the building pad, in relation to the site, to the existing private driveway, and to the hillside next to Glenmont Rd.


Google Earth view of undeveloped site without any vegetation. The site is land locked from both Hazbeth Lane and Glenmont Road with private roads. There are no easement rights to subject property.

Google Map of site

Existing 12-foot wide private driveway on Hazbeth Lane to the site. There is no room for turning radius for vehicles, firetrucks or garbage trucks.

Existing Driveway